Human 2.0


“Human 2 O,” a show on water, mixing  Circus Arts and floating machinery. Somewhere on earth, in 2310 …

The world’s water became polluted acid and inexorably. The ecosystem of the planet is now devastated by the recklessness of an irresponsible and greedy human society. All humanity is moving towards an irreversible chaos. Water, this essential element to life, this simple and important atomic combination, this material as abundant as weak will not survive the repeated attacks of man. Today, not a single drop of pure water appears on this Earth. It took four billion years for the Earth we build all these riches and nly three centuries for man to destroy everything.

« HUMAN 2 O »

Triangle trapeze duo oscillating mast / String Quartet Chinese Pole Vaulting Rope Dance 


Smooth floating oil platform Structure From 15x8m, inked 6m height about 30m from the shore Supporting the area, most of the machinery and pyrotechnics. Two mechanical spiders thermal or electric propulsion offshore locations as 


Flamethrower traditional pyrotechnics and Water Fountains Water Effects Video on joint platform water screen


Technical informations

Music: Philippe Durel
Choreography: Jean-Claude Carles
Direction circus
Circus Artist: Amandine Barret
Circus artist Flavio Franciulli
Circus artist Mickaël Godbille
Circus artist Alex Trillaud
Singing: Coline Garcia and Marie Robles
Sets: David Nicolas
Assistant art director: Anne Le Blond
Costumes: Julia Paiano
Lights: Arnaud Carlet
Video: Hyppo
Manager: Christophe Montoloy
Floating technical elements: Silvain Ohl
Logistics Manager: Alain Bertolino
Machinery: Lionel Painblanc
Fireworks: Vincent Loubert