ROBOT – street show

Street show – Ambulatory

When a child discovers that his favorite toy comes to life and it can become complicit in crazy situations.


By staging a robot and an actor in the tradition of an ambulatory street theatre, the Louxor Spectacle company allows adults to become children.
This toy (robot) to disproportionate size offers a new vision. The viewer lets go slowly and leave room for his sensitivity, his imagination and memories to again become time for a moment the child he was.

Paying tribute to the puppet and modern robotics, the Louxor spectacle company offers a magical time during its ambulation.

This ambulatory street show continues and travel to other events.
ontact us for your carnivals, parades, events.


  • Height:  4m20
  • Depth: 2m10
  • Autonomy: 8h


  • 2 people

Cie Louxor provides all the necessary elements to the show

  • Sound and light
  • All effects