Colored Pencils, light and aquatic installation

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Festival of lights Lyon – Installation nominated for the The Récylum Sustainable Light Trophy 2013

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Light ans aquatic installation

A box of 12 coloured pencils is found scattered on the water acting like driftwood, colourful logs that evolve with the changing of the currents.
The wind making her work by creating sparkling and random patterns on the canvas provided by the river.

We offer the vistor a new view of the river and its environment. Through this installation we invite the vistor to reflect on the concept of creative freedom. Water becomes the canvas as pencils sublime..

From bridges, riverbanks or water, the eye of the spectator perceives creations and transformations proposed by the movement of the graphic palette. A new space for contemplative creation appears upon a table across the city and water.

In passing one is impelled to use their imagination.

This light and aquatic installation continues and travel on other rivers, lakes, sea. Do not hesitate to contact us for your events.



  • Installation on rivers, sea, lakes
  • 12 colored pencils : 5 metres each one
  • Diameter: 30 cm
  • Light: équipés de PAR led autonomes RGB+W 15x3W – DMX wireless
  • Autonomy: 10h / Rechargeable
  • Mooring: cable between each pen and 2 anchor 80 kg